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IGTV vs. Reels vs. Stories: Leverage Instagram Video Type For Your Business

Is it more effective to share Reels or IGTV? Are Reels and IGTV synonymous? How about narratives? These are only three often asked questions by companies about Instagram video formats. The fact is that Instagram’s algorithm is continuously altering in response to how users engage with content. As a result, you must stay current on the newest trends and developments to be relevant on Instagram. One thing is sure: if you aren’t generating video content, your engagement levels would be near-zero. It’s an absurd notion, given that the social network began with just static pictures. This article will clarify if you’re unclear whether to utilize Reels, IGTV, or Stories to post videos on Instagram – or even what the difference between them is.

Let’s start by identifying each of the following categories of Instagram video content:


IGTV is a platform for lengthier, professionally produced videos. If you utilize the online uploader, you may submit videos up to 60 minutes in length. People sometimes compare IGTV to YouTube since it provides a platform for users to explore in-depth information, such as how-to videos or instructive films. Naturally, there are particular distinctions between IGTV & YouTube. For starters, all videos on IGTV are vertical — similar to a selfie. Whereas YouTube is vertical, like a movie.

Additionally, YouTube is more of a search page than IGTV. Users discover content on YouTube in a similar fashion to how they find out information on Google – they are seeking data and may pursue a path to specific other videos. The discovery is less linear with IGTV.

A critical distinction between IGTV videos & Reels or Story is their inability to be discovered on Instagram. When there is an IGTV app for browsing all IGTV content producers and companies, the only convenient method to access IGTV content while scrolling through Instagram is to go straight to someone’s profile. If you want to get more views for your IGTV videos, you can buy IGTV views and grab millions of eyeballs for your content.


Instagram’s answer to TikTok clips is Reels. Their primary objective is to entertain, and that is why they are restricted to fifteen seconds in duration. The native’s editing functionality is a nice feature of Instagram Reels. You may speed up (or slow down) your footage, apply filters, mix in audio, add a voiceover, and more. Additionally, reels are far more searchable on Instagram than on IGTV. While they lack the visibility that Stories enjoy at the top of the Instagram application — more on that later – they are frequently included in the Discover area. The app’s primary navigation bar even has a Reels tab. While Reels initially struggled, Instagram has found a winner by concentrating on how users interact with them. Therefore, you must create reels to buy Instagram reels views and gain a solid following.


If you’re looking for similarities, Instagram’s Stories feature is more analogous to Snapchat. Stories are not limited to video material; they can also consist of static photos, text, or other animated stuff. It’s worth noting that Stories are considerably more engaging than IGTV or Reels. While you may like & comment on Reels & IGTV films, Stories enable you to build polls, employ timers, embed posts, and solicit an immediate reaction from your audience. You could even go live using Stories, just as you do with Facebook Live.

Additionally, Stories are the highest discoverable of the three genres of video. While Reels have their tab in the Instagram application and are searchable, Stories are prominently shown at the top of the screen when you open Instagram. They are impossible to overlook.


Instagram has evolved significantly over several years, and companies that fail to adapt are left behind. The fact is that Instagram is constantly experimenting with new methods for users to share & interact with content to keep users on the site longer and generate ad income. IGTV, Stories, & Reels are adaptations of other popular social media platforms — a strategy for Instagram to maintain its position as the most-scrolling site.

Using Instagram To Increase Ecommerce Sales : 3 Simple Tricks That Work

As an eCommerce business owner, there is a good chance that you are familiar with Instagram’s power and popularity. Check out some ideas for Instagram videos that are helpful for driving eCommerce sales. The growth of Instagram is apparent as its user community numbers more than 1.16 billion and it is believed to be the fastest-growing social media platform with highly engaged users.

Instagram has changed the way people shop and what they like to buy fast since its popularity. With the advent of Instagram’s visual-sharing platform, it has become a great platform that customers can use to research and discover new products online. More than 83% of Instagram users find new products or services on the platform. In the present day, Instagram is a very competitive social media platform, which means that eCommerce businesses should turn to Instagram to display their creativity in order to stand out. As it turns out, there is an effective solution to the problem: Instagram videos are helping to drive eCommerce sales. 

Showcase a number of products 

The Instagram videos you create showcasing your products, whether you’re in the fashion or cosmetic industry, can help to attract new customers and retain existing ones. In the study, 72% of customers preferred video advertisements when learning more about a product or service.  A video allows your prospects to learn more about the products you are selling while they are in the awareness stage, whether they are novices with your business, or they are more experienced and trust you. There are several different kinds of Instagram video formats that you can use to showcase your products, such as Stories, video posts, Reels, and longer-form IGTV videos. Small and large businesses can create product videos using this method. Adding relevant royalty-free audio files to your Instagram video – thereby adding depth to visual content – has proven to be a great way to increase your video’s audience’s satisfaction and make them feel more satisfied after watching it.

Release a new product

Launching new products is an important step for eCommerce firms, but it is equally important to promote them. In order to increase your potential customers, you must let as many people know about your new product as possible. The announcement of a new product launch is another Instagram video idea that can drive eCommerce sales.

Create a short Instagram Story video to drive attention and encourage viewers to save the date for the event. This is an effective way to create a sense of urgency. Your Story could also contain a reminder that interested viewers will be notified once your product becomes available.

Live Q&A with niche experts

There is nothing better than organizing and running Q&A live sessions with niche experts who are able to answer all of your questions in real-time in order to soothe potential clients’ fears and capture their attention. IGTV now supports saving Live videos! Even if your customers will not be able to attend the live session, don’t worry. You can share the content again or post a Story that makes them aware of the saved video that can give them more information about your product. Plus you can boost your videos when you buy Instagram auto likes and get your brand heard among a large number of people in the community. It would be helpful if you could post an Instagram update with all the details about your upcoming online Q&A live session so that your followers are aware of it beforehand. You might find it helpful to prepare a few tips on how to prepare for your Q&A session at your next event:

During your live stream, you should ask your audience for questions they may have about your product 

Identify a niche expert who can represent your firm in a positive light

Live streaming FAQ pages can be repurposed for live events

Plan ahead and Publicize your live broadcast

It will make the stream more effective if we hire a moderator who is capable of keeping an eye on all the questions during the session


There is a booming market for Instagram shopping, which means that businesses using the platform to drive sales are finding it a very effective marketing tool. As Instagram videos are becoming increasingly popular as a tool for advertising, you may be able to expand your business to a new level as customers desire videos from brands they follow on social networks.

7 IGTV Video Content Ideas For Your Brands

Instagram is one of the top trending social media platforms in the world at present. It launches many features in its app. Importantly, it introduced IGTV on June 20, 2018. Instagram TV is one of the best features that allows users to upload 10 minutes long videos. Many marketers are using IGTV to enhance their business and generate more sales. 

If you are new to IGTV and trying to improve your brand reach on the platform. You have come to the right place. In this article, you will learn how to create great content to promote your brand on Instagram. 

1. Introducing Videos

Introduction video makes a new visitor know everything about your channel. Create a welcoming video that makes your followers feel impressed and connect with your brand. It is a great way to increase your followers and get more video views and likes. Buy Instagram TV likes to improve your video likes and make your video popular on the platform. 

2. Share Vlog

Create a vlog for your IGTV channel to increase your channel visibility. Vlog is one of the best content ideas to improve your Instagram engagement. You can use Vlog to showcase your brand and services. Many brands are content creators who use Vlogs to increase their channel to a higher level. Select trending content and make a vlog to intent your audience’s attention. Also, Vlog helps you to get more likes and views, and it will increase engagement simentionusly. 

3. Do Interviews

A unique way to create content for your channel is to take an interview. Invite any famous person or expect people in your industry to give an interview. Share that video on your IGTV channel to boost engagement for your videos. And ask your followers to comment if they have any questions or doubts. By sharing interview videos in your channel, you will gain new followers to your Instagram account. 

4. Behind The Scenes

Sharing bedding the scene video to your followers makes them feel comfortable with your channel. Also, it helps them to know how your products are made and delivered. Every person wants to see what’s happening behind the screen, so it is the best time to post those videos and get unbelievable likes and views for your videos. You can share your channel bedding the scene videos to engage your followers. It is the essential way to increase your followers instantly to your channel. 

5. Create series

Upload a series weekly and encourage your audience to watch it every week. In any social media platform creating entertaining content helps you to stand out from the crowd. You can post-cooking shows, interviews, and weekly recaps to entertain your audience. It is one of the compelling video ideas on IGTV to boost user engagement and get more likes and views.

6. Collaborate With Influencers

Instagram is a platform for making connections with other users and influencers. Partner with an influencer and create effective videos with them. Then share those videos with your followers to get more likes and views for your IGTV videos. Also, you can ask your influencers to share collaborating videos on their channel. Hereby you can get quality likes and views for your channel. Also, it is one of the best ways to reach more audiences to your IGTV channel. 

7. How To Make Videos

Share how to make videos to attract followers who are searching for similar content. Create tutorial videos to educate your audience and make them achieve some knowledge. According to research, many people like to watch educational videos on Instagram, and it is shared by the brand and business. Follow these seven best tips to create quality content to reach more audiences. 

Pro Tip:

Instagram Reels is a new video-sharing application that users can upload the content within a short time. You can add and edit effects before uploading the video on Instagram. The biggest advantage of your reels is that you can re-watch them again & again. Hereby, your reels engagement will be high, or else you can buy Instagram reels views for your reels videos. 

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